This is becoming a annual event here at Wadhams Baptist Church. June 29, 2019 1-4pm

We have created a family fun event to have our church engage with the community.

We have a great time planned for all who come to this event.

There will be lots of games with the international theme, games that are played all around the world.

You may have some questions to about this event hopefully we can answer as many questions as possible here.

The first question is “The cost of the event”? There is no cost to you but we do give opportunity for people to help with donations and this helps us to be able to have events like this again.

Second question is “Is there going to be any food there”? There will be food here but it is not designed for you to use this as your meal for your family it is designed to help with giving your family a snack so you can enjoy carnival.

Third question is : Will there be fireworks”? The answer is no there are no fireworks.

Fourth question is “you say safe what does that mean”? We have a safety team in place that will help you find parking and will be here keeping there eyes on everything that is going on.